The Society Our Rulers would Prefer

by Will

Liberty Minute April 25, 2014


Every failure of government to carry out its self-defined task of protecting the public results in the enhancement of the power of the officials and institutions responsible for that failure ? and no accountability for their incompetence.

This phenomenon was on display during this year?s Boston Marathon, the first to take place since last year?s lethal bombing. While the government-aligned media fed the public a narrative of triumph and undaunted courage, the city of Boston was locked down. Helicopter gunships plied the skies over streets that had been shut down and clotted with armored troops carrying assault rifles. Train stations were shuttered; police at checkpoints across the city demanded identification and conducted warrantless searches and seizures.

One resident reports: ?I was nearly arrested this morning heading into the office and had my briefcase searched ? twice ? within a distance of fifty feet.  Police don?t like it when you remind them of the necessity for probable cause or articulable individualized suspicion.?

This is how society looks when those who presume to rule us are given an excuse ? and any excuse will do ? to manage affairs as they would prefer to. This is why they are the least qualified, and least trustworthy, to provide for our security.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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