The Enemy At Their Backs June 2, 2010

by Will

Will Grigg?s Liberty Minute

June 2, 2010

When Ethiopia was ruled by the Communist butcher Mengistu, the families of those slaughtered in state-run firing squads were billed for the bullets used to murder their loved ones.

The Pentagon?s treatment of Iraq war veteran Gary Pfleider isn?t quite that grotesque, but it does display a similar disdain for the worth of an individual human being.

In September 2007, Pfleider, a member of the Oregon National Guard, was shot by a sniper while patrolling Balad, Iraq. Following eight surgeries, Pfleider?s leg is ruined. Even if jobs were available, Pfleider?s war injury makes it impossible to work.

During his emergency medical evacuation, Pfleider left some of his gear behind. In June 2009, the Pentagon sent him a bill for $3,175.88 for the missing equipment. A few weeks later the federal government began to garnish his Social Security disability payments, and froze his tax returns.

A government that treats wounded veterans this way isn?t worth fighting for.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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