The Police State - Real or Imagined?


Tell me, is it just me, or do we really live in a police state? I try to tell myself that it is really not as bad as all that, that I have simply been reading too much of Will Grigg's Blog. Yet every day it seems (seriously, every single day) I see police lights as I drive to or from work, or see a car pulled over on the side of the road.

I was pulled over by the Oregon State Police recently while driving with my children to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. I was driving in the slow lane, well below the speed limit, when I carefully signaled and pulled out into the fast lane to go around an overloaded pickup truck that was impeding the traffic flow. After passing the truck, I carefully pulled back into the slow lane. The police car drove alongside me for some time, looking at the prominent signs displayed from my vehicle which read "UNJUST WAR IS MURDER" and, "RON PAUL REVOLUTION". He then pulled in behind me and followed for some time, eventually turning on his lights.

I pulled over, and he immediately jumped out and came up on the passenger side of the vehicle, trying to open the door, and when this failed (the door handle is broken, and will not open even when unlocked.) He demanded that I roll down the window. I rolled it down about three inches and stopped. He kept demanding that I roll it down all the way (which I could not, as it is broken.) I asked "Why?" He said he couldn't hear me (which was silly, because I could hear him just fine.) He said the space was not large enough to hand him my documents (though it obviously was). After commanding me to roll down the window all the way about five times (and I politely refusing each time) he gave up. He then proceeded to explain that he had pulled me over for a failure to continue to signal for at least 100 feet before changing lanes. I gave him my driver license, registration, and proof of insurance, while he kept asking me questions about what was in my vehicle. ?Are there any firearms in the vehicle?? ?Is there any marijuana in the vehicle?? ?Are you carrying a significant amount of cash?? ?Are there any methamphetamines in the vehicle??. He kept asking me the same things over and over, and I would say, ?No. and I do NOT consent to any search.? Finally he gave me back my documents and let me go my way. The whole time, there was someone with a large video-camera, taping the ?action.? I would have turned on my own digital audio recorder, except that the officer ran up to my car so fast after the stop, and I had it kept in an old padded Walther-P22 pistol case. I was afraid that if he saw me reaching for the pistol-case, he might have freaked out and shot me or something.

Is it just me, with my war-protest signs, that draws them to me? It reminds me of a button which read, "It really is that bad, and they really are out to get you."

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