The Ron Paul Revolution


The Ron Paul Revolution has been going strong here in Oregon, and it is inspiring to see so many people coming out of the zombie crowd to take a stand for liberty. We've been spreading the message from the overpass, from signs on our cars, at meetings, and by word of mouth. It is a great conversation-starter. Despite decades of brainwashing, many people still have some American blood in them, and they appreciate the old ideals of life, liberty, and limited government.

I crossed them once though, when I stood up at a meeting to ask, ?What is the long-term plan here? If (may it never be) Ron Paul fails to get the nomination, how will the Revolution continue?? I was shouted down and denounced by those who claimed that we could not contemplate failure, and that we must be single-minded in promoting the cause, which was Ron Paul. ?The cause is liberty!? I protested. ?Ron Paul is just a spokesman.? They didn't want to hear that. It seems I lost them there. Later, they lost me when they started talking about how it was time that we all register as Republicans. As a matter of principle, I cannot join with the Party of Lincoln, and so I remain somewhat on the sidelines, cheering the voice of liberty, yet knowing the true cost of liberty is far more than most people seem to understand.

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