"This Ends Today": So the Police Murdered Him

by Will

Liberty Minute July 21 2014

Eric Garner was killed by the police on the streets of Staten Island, New York for no defensible reason. The 48-year-old father of six and grandfather to two had just broken up a fight when plainclothes officers appeared and started to harass him.

Garner, who was six foot three and more than 350 pounds, was a gentle and genial man, but he was weary of being the focus of unwarranted attention by the police. He had court dates later this year for charges of marijuana possession and selling untaxed cigarettes ? but on the day that he was killed Garner had done nothing whatsoever to justify being interrogated by the police, let alone arrested.

The first fatal mistake Garner made was to act as a peacemaker, thereby underscoring the uselessness of the nearby police ? who were on hand not to protect people and property, but to rather to pester people engaged in unauthorized commerce. Garner?s second mistake was to complain to an officer about the harassment he was receiving, and to declare: ?This ends today.?

Within minutes, five police officers attacked him, one of them slipping behind him to apply an illegal chokehold. Garner died of cardiac arrest after being strangled and beaten in full public view.

This is a country where atrocities of this kind occur daily.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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