We're All Iraqis Now

by Will

LibertyMinute October 4 2013

U.S.soldiers manning traffic checkpoints in Baghdadoperated under rules of engagement permitting them to shoot any vehicle whose driver didn?t immediately comply with orders.

The predictable result was that scores or hundreds of innocent people ? including women, children, Iraqi police officers, and at least one intelligence officer from an allied country ? were gunned down by over-anxious soldiers at traffic checkpoints.

Yesterday?s killing of Miriam Carey by Capitol Police in Washington, D.C. illustrates that law enforcement agencies in the nation?s capital operate under rules of engagement very similar to those of the military in occupied Baghdad.

The 34-year-old native of Stamford, Connecticut, who had her 18-month-old daughter in her vehicle, reportedly collided with a barricade outside the White House and then fled when she was surrounded by police and Secret Service operatives. She was pursued downPennsylvania Avenuebefore being shot to death. The incident led to a lockdown on Capitol Hill.

Capitol Police Chief Cathy Lanier insisted that her subordinates acted ?heroically.? Members of Congress gave the police a standing ovation and donned buttons proclaiming ?Thank You Capitol Police.? Rational people may wonder how a confused mother who reportedly suffered from post-partum depression could face summary execution for a traffic error. To those who rule us, we?re all Iraqis now.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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