We Bought the Bullets June 4, 2010

by Will

Will Grigg?s Liberty Minute

June 4, 2010

The bullets used to kill 19-year-old American citizen Furkan Dogan were fired by soldiers in a foreign army, but they were paid for by U.S. tax dollars.

Dogan was shot five times at close range ? four times in the head and once in the chest ? by the Israeli commandos who illegally attacked the humanitarian flotilla attempting to pierce the Israeli government?s blockade of Gaza.

U.S. citizen Paul Larudee, who also took part in the flotilla, was beaten and tortured during his two-day detention in Israel.

Supposedly intended to deprive the terrorist group Hamas of war materiel, the Israeli blockade of Gaza extends to food, medicine, building materials, and even children?s toys. This failed policy is calculated to engender terrorism, not abate it.

Leon Wieseltier of The New Republic, an outspoken defender of Israel, suggests that Israel should have named the ill-conceived and criminal commando raid ?Operation Make the World Hate Us.? U.S. taxpayers certainly shouldn?t be subsidizing Israel?s self-destructive policies.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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