Welfare and Human Bondage September 6, 2010

by Will

Will Grigg?s Liberty Minute

September 6, 2010

What the government subsidizes, it controls. This principle applies not only to institutions, but also to individuals.

One possible future is foreshadowed in San Diego, California, where under a program called ?Project 100%? anyone who receives county welfare subsidies is subject to unannounced visits from law enforcement officials.

Supposedly intended as an anti-fraud measure, the program permits police to rifle through closets, drawers, bathrooms and bedrooms seeking evidence of criminal acts. As attorney Christopher Brauchli notes, the assumption is that ?welfare recipients are forced to trade the protection afforded by the Fourth Amendment for welfare benefits.?

Three years ago, this policy was upheld by the federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court declined to review that decision.

The growing influence of government over the economy ? a trend that began decades ago, accelerated dramatically under George W. Bush, and escalated even more radically under Barack Obama ? portends a not-distant time when each of us will be subject to similar all-encompassing state control.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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