What It Takes to Remove a Tyrannical Police Chief

by Will

Liberty Minute August 8 2014


Victor Pierce claimed that the Lord had called him to be police chief of Barry Township, a Michigan village of about 3,700 people. When he obtained four armored vehicles from the Pentagon, Pierce said that this was necessary in order to protect the public against terrorism and school shootings. After he organized a 34-man ?reserve? force to patrol the village?s crime-free streets, the chief insisted that this was part of his ?visionary balance for the community.?


After two of the reserve officers took part in the beating of a local businessman on May 10, Pierce shrugged and said that the victim had ?resisted? and that the courts should handle the matter. Amid mounting complaints from citizens who had been harassed, detained, and searched without cause, Pierce and his dwindling band of defenders maintained that the innocent have nothing to fear from additional scrutiny.


After the state cancelled the department?s liability insurance, and more than one thousand residents signed petitions demanding that Pierce be terminated, the town council dragged its feet. Finally, amid surging local outrage and accumulating adverse media coverage, Pierce announced his resignation on August 7.


It took a prodigious effort to dislodge one tyrannical police chief from a tiny town. What does this say about police accountability?


Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. 

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