William Norman Grigg RIP


William Norman Grigg was a rare and unsung superhero for the cause of truth, justice, and the American way. In addition to the heavy private burdens he consistently bore with patience and fortitude; he took upon himself the pain of so many others who were suffering from injustice and oppression. At times when vast numbers of American Christians were blindly cheering on war and the police state, he boldly stood for what was right, regardless of the cost to himself. Asking no earthly reward for his endless labors, he articulated the cause of liberty with sharp wit and unrelenting courage. He stood front and center in a modern Battle of Thermopylae against the advancing oppression of empire. Today this valiant soldier has fallen, and is now victorious in glory. We who live on are the ones who fall short in valor. His life was for our benefit, and his passing is to our loss.

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