Yes, Park Rangers Now Have Portable Torture Toys, Too

by Will

Will Grigg?s Liberty Minute

January 31, 2012

Gary Hesterberg of Montara, California was assaulted with a lethal weapon on January 29 while walking his dogs in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

?I heard what I thought was a pistol shot,? recalls eyewitness John Barlett, who was walking his dog nearby. ?[Hesterberg] let out a cry of agony as he fell on his back.? The attack, although painful, wasn?t fatal.

When Sheriff?s Deputies arrived a few minutes later, they arrested the victim. This is because the assailant was an unidentified Park Ranger who shot Hesterberg with a Taser. The victim was charged with the spurious offenses of failing to obey a supposedly lawful order, having his dogs off-leash, and providing false information to the snitty little martinet in a Ranger costume.

Last December, the National Park Service took control of the dog-walking area and imposed a leash requirement. When Hesterberg was accosted by the Ranger, he demanded to see her credentials; she refused that authentically lawful order. He told the functionary either to cite him or release him, and when the Ranger insisted on wasting his time he left ? only to be shot as he departed.

Hesterberg didn?t commit an actual crime ? but in our increasingly totalitarian society, he didn?t have to.

Let us take back the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.

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