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Edward Snowden vs. the USSA

by Will

Liberty Minute January 17 2014 Some of Edward Snowden?s detractors criticized the NSA whistleblower for fleeing into exile, rather than facing trial for disclosing the agency?s illegal activities. One persistent theme in such criticism is that Snow… more »

North Korean Police: More Restrained than their U.S. Counterparts

by Will

LibertyMinute January 16 2014 On January 14, the PBS program Frontline aired a documentary entitled The Secret State of North Korea Among the scenes captured in that documentary are two encounters between women and police. In the first confrontation,… more »

Soviet-Style Indefinite Detention for a Blogger in Alabama

by Will

Liberty Minute January 15 2013 In overtly Communist countries like China and North Korea, it is commonplace to see people imprisoned for speaking or writing in opposition to the ruling elite. Similar conditions exist in the State of Alabama, where the… more »