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Police Brutality as a Reflex

by Will

Liberty Minute January 24 2014  Kang Wong is an 84-year-old New York resident who doesn't understand English. Late in the afternoon on January 19, Wong was crossing the street when a police officer, believing the elderly man was jaywalking, ordered hi… more »

Rising to Empire, Declining into Poverty

by Will

Liberty Minute January 23 2014  The United States of America was founded as a commercial republic. Since the end of World War II our country has metastasized into an empire ? a process that may have entered its terminal phase after 9-11. Over the pa… more »

Cops Don't Trust Each Other -- Why Should We Trust Them?

by Will

Liberty Minute January 22 2014 Redondo Beach, California resident David Perdue was nearly murdered by police on the way to the beach last February 7. Torrance Police Officer Brian McGee rammed his vehicle into Perdue?s truck and opened fire on the dr… more »