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"A Child is not a `Thing'"

by Will

Liberty Minute January 6 2014 Like her comrades at MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry uses her weekly program to peddle an alloy of embittered radical feminism and racial grievance-peddling to a small and dwindling audience. In a recent installment, Harris-Pe… more »

In Soviet America, Patriotism is a Prosecutable Offense

by Will

Liberty Minute January 3 2014 In an inexplicable but welcome break with the Establishment consensus, the New York Times editorial board has demanded leniency for whistleblower Edward Snowden. For the better part of a year, the former NSA employee has l… more »

A Light Sentence for a Privileged Molester

by Will

Liberty Minute January 2 2014 Over a two-year period, Milwaukee resident Michael Vagnini  molested dozens of people at gunpoint, thrusting his hands into their anal cavities while associates held the victims at gunpoint. Under Wisconsin?s criminal c… more »