Pockets of Resistance and Sleeping in Caves


Our motto for this outing was, ?You haven?t truly lived, until you don?t truly know if you?re gonna live.? We ventured into the blowing snow on the slopes of Mount Hood, armed with a snow shovel and zero-degree sleeping bags. What would freedom really be like if we ever had it? It would be a challenge and uphill struggle. Not quite as comfy as being lulled into a trance by the gods of the new world order, but that?s the way I like it.

We braved the icy slopes and high winds, to carve out a little refuge for ourselves in the mountain wilderness. The journey was not without some difficulty. At one point, I told my son, ?God lets us get ourselves into difficult circumstances, so he can demonstrate his grace and power so deliver us.? Grown men were overcome and turned back, but when we finally bedded down in our cozy cave, I thought that if my seven-year-old girl could remain steadfast, there may yet be a future for our civilization. At times when the camcorder was not frozen solid, or we were not fully engaged against the elements, I took some brief video of the adventure.


We slept in late, and were awoken to the sound of gunfire. ?Check it out, dad, he?s got a Glock 9mm.? One of our party was rejoicing in the new day with the rousing sound of freedom. Not to be left out in the cold, I whipped out a Walther P22. As we were just about to squeeze off a few rounds, a group of people from across the ravine started shouting at us, ?It?s illegal for you to shoot your guns in a National Recreation Area!? Our companion yelled back, ?Who are you? A ranger??. ?No, but if you don?t stop it right now, I?m going to have to come over there and make you stop!? ?What are you going to do? Shoot us?? ?No, but I?m going to take you into custody.? Fortunately, the group of communist ski bums didn?t attempt to make good on their threat, though they did make a show of calling in to report us with their cell phones. I was under the distinct impression that some of the provisions of the Constitution were still tolerated on federal lands, but maybe such remnants of American civilization exist only in my imagination.

Some time ago I watched a History Channel re-enactment of a battle against insurgents in Iraq. I didn?t expect that they would dare venture to address the question of whether the offensive was morally justified or not. I heard, ?This offensive was necessary to defend the basic human rights of the Iraqi people.? They explained how the insurgents were not local, and that they had taken over the city and prevented the locals from carrying weapons in public. ?This right is fundamentally important to the Iraqi people, and the American forces have restored it to them.?

After we made it out alive from our snow caving adventure, we were enjoying a hot breakfast in a restaurant. My son leaned over to me to whisper a comment, ?Americans are dying in Fallujah so that Iraqi boys can carry their AK-47s down a public street, but inside America they are about ready to kill us for a daring to do a little target practice on public lands.? Pockets of resistance, and sleeping in caves? My patriot friends, we are not that far off?

Jury Duty


Salem, Oregon, Marion County Courthouse Room 5B, Judge John Wilson Presiding.

This was the first time on jury duty that I made it to the jury selection process. I would not make it much further, as I would be the first one dismissed for cause. I had already affirmed to tell the truth, and I was not going to stand idly by as it was trampled underfoot. Other jurors were interrogated as to their involvement in church, or their ownership of firearms. I was faced with another question?

Mr. Stevens: Is everybody here comfortable with following the legal standard for what self-defense is? Does everybody feel like they can put their own opinions about it aside and follow the law as the judge instructs?

Mr. Humphrey: How can we know if you don?t tell us what that legal standard is?

Mr. Stevens: Well, I?m not going to go too deep into it because his honor will instruct you on that. But such things as -- well, let me ask you -- what is your name, sir?

Mr. Humphrey: Keith Humphrey.

Mr. Stevens: Thank you, sir. Mr. Humphrey, do you feel that if someone provokes a fight or is the initial aggressor, then do you believe that they should be able to argue self-defense if they provoked someone?

Mr. Humphrey: Well, I don?t know? but, you know, it would depend on the circumstances of the case. But I can?t say, ?Yeah, I?m going to set aside all preconceived notions and say whatever the State says what self defense is.? I?m going to have my own notion of what self-defense is, regardless of what the State says.

Mr. Stevens: Absolutely. And I won?t be telling you what self-defense is, the Judge will be. So what I?m just asking is, if you can follow the legal standard of what the Judge gives you. I?m not?

Mr. Humphrey: Not if -- if according to my convictions and belief, if what the Judge says isn?t right, I?m not going to follow what the Judge says.

Mr. Stevens: All right.

Mr. Humphrey: If he says self-defense is, you know, whatever -- you know, it?s provoking to pick your nose or something, I?m not going to follow that. I?m just going to say what I think is right, regardless if that?s the law or not.

Mr. Stevens: Okay. He won?t say that. But if I?m understanding you right, are you just saying that if it came down to following the law and just following your own convictions, you would go with your convictions?

Mr. Humphrey: That?s correct. I believe in a higher law, and I judge the State on that basis, so I would probably make a decision both as to the law and the facts of the case.

Mr. Stevens: Do you think that might make it difficult for you to serve as a juror, since you?re going to be asked to evaluate the case based on certain laws?

Mr. Humphrey: I believe it would make me more competent to serve as a juror, according to what I believe a juror should be, and not what the Judge would tell me.

Mr. Stevens: Thank you. Your Honor, I would just ask the this juror be excused for cause?

Judge John Wilson: Do you want to ask any questions, Mr. Warner?

Mr. Warner: No questions, Your Honor.

Judge John Wilson: Okay, I just want to ask Mr. Humphrey, you?re saying you wouldn?t follow my instructions if I instructed you to follow the law, whether you agree with the law or not?

Mr. Humphrey: If I disagreed with the law, I would not follow the instructions to follow the law.

Judge John Wilson: Well, let?s say you were a party in a case, like someone was suing you or something, a traffic accident or something like that, would you expect the jurors to follow the law that I give to them, or would you want them each to be using their own individual interpretation of what they thought the law was in deciding your case?

Mr. Humphrey: Well, I believe that the purpose of having a jury is to understand a higher moral law that all people would be able to discern, rather than what the State may dictate the law is.

Judge John Wilson: So what do you think the role of the Legislature is? They pass laws -- our elected representatives. What?s their authority?

Mr. Humphrey: Sure, they have that authority to pass laws. I just -- I don?t trust that those are being well applied by judges in America today.

Judge John Wilson: We?re not talking about judges; we?re talking about a jury making a decision of the facts, based on the law. And that means following the law in interpreting those facts and applying them to a certain case. Would you be able to do that?

Mr. Humphrey: Well, who is greater, the legislator, or the person who elects the legislator? I believe that a person can make a decision as to what is right or wrong regardless of what the legislator or the judge says about it.

Judge John Wilson: Okay. I don?t believe you?re qualified to be a juror, then. So I?ll excuse you for cause, and you?re free to go. Thanks for coming down and being available. And good luck if you?re ever in court.

?And so I went on my way. Was I the only one who would dare to honor the Law of God above all? Was I the only person there who had read The Citizen?s Rulebook?

In any case, it was obvious that I was precisely the kind of person that it was their purpose to exclude from the courtroom.

A Cash Economy With a Tax on Air


A recent poll on ChristianExodus.org raised the question of how far we might need to go to return to a free society, hopefully one with Christian liberty under the rule of Biblical Law. The results were very interesting. The least preferred answer, trailing even the frightening prospect of ?A New World Order? was ?Reform at the County Level.? This is ironic, because this is precisely what the current strategy of Christian Exodus is. With all the media hype about how far-out the Christian Exodus is, it seems it does not go far enough.

The overwhelming winner was ?Colonize Another Land.? Fair enough. Now when are all y?all anonymous slackers out there going to get the lead out? If you can?t make the move to turn the tide in a single County, how do you think you?ll ever make it to another land? Put your money where your mouse is!

Jason P. Sorens, founder of the Free State Project, and a scholar of secessionist tendencies, proposes that the greatest deterrent to secession is irredentist potential. In layman?s terms, that means that if it is easy for a people to re-join their parent country, they will likely never leave it. A positive factor usually involves a geographic barrier of some kind, like an ocean. He has calculated that in the United States, the three most likely places to secede from the Union are Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.


I recently vacationed in Puerto Rico, where there is an active secessionist movement. Like South Carolina, Puerto Rico was also bludgeoned into the Union by subterfuge, unjust war, and illegal occupation. My visit was a furtive glance at the vast regions of Latin America that might be ripe for colonization by those fleeing the tyranny and oppression of the United States. It was not as encouraging as I might have hoped.

On the positive side, the land is beautiful, fertile, and developed. There is healthy resentment and evasiveness towards Washington D.C.. Some of the natives speak English. People do business using aliases with cash under the table. I dampened their hope somewhat by telling them about how the chipped Amero will soon discourage all that. While sipping a Piņa Colada, when a cool breeze blows through the palm trees, one can almost imagine what it might be like to live in a free country; but alas- it is only a temporary spell.

The reality is that, like in the United States, most people are seduced into complacence by the sweet meats of slavery, and the soft yokes of their taskmasters. If someone is on the take, their desire for freedom is abated. In an economic system where everybody plunders everybody, the strong take advantage of the weak. Many of those living in Puerto Rico strive to live free of government oppression, and to ?get off the grid?? by generating their own electricity, but they are compelled by law to pay anyway, and forced into compliance by the ?Utility Mafia.? A friend was telling me how he had a prime location for a wind generator, but he was discouraged from putting one up, because of, you guessed it, a tax on air. They call it, ?Exploiting the natural resources of the commonwealth.? Where will tomorrow?s masses go in their yearning to breathe free? As far away as we can get from the center of tyranny in Washington D.C..

Christmas Vacation Lassen Park


As I stood by the banks of the creek, it struck me, that the working of God in history was to be played out our lives in ways greater than we imagine, and that "God yet has more light to break forth from his holy word."


Drunken Killers Behind the Wheel


Early on Christmas morning, as I was driving down a rural Oregon road on the way to take my children to grandmother?s house, I came across a smoking twisted car-shaped hulk of metal that appeared to have spun out of control only a minute earlier. I pulled over and went up to the vehicle to check for survivors, and a drunk Mexican came out and staggered around. With slurred speech and broken English, he tried to tell me that he was fine, the air-bag had saved him, and that there was no need to call anyone for help. As I noticed that another driver had pulled over and was calling for help, I went on my way. When I came back half-an-hour later to check the scene, the road was blocked off, and it was swarming with emergency workers. They had brought in a life-flight helicopter and several other emergency vehicles. I asked the flagman if there had been any response from law enforcement, and he said that there were few people available on account of the fact that it was Christmas Day.

Little difference it might have made. Last year, my children and I were nearly killed by a couple of drunk Hispanic young men that ran a stop sign at high speed, and ploughed into moving traffic. They narrowly missed the oncoming cars, and broadsided a lady only a few feet in front of me, totaling her car, and nearly killing her. As her car flew off the road, by some miracle she missed a tree by a matter of inches, and emerged unscathed, hands held high - praising the Lord in Russian. As I was the sole witness of the two young men who hit her (before they fled the scene,) I gave a description of the vehicle to the police. Some time later, I saw the same black truck parked outside my door, as the young men paid a visit to my Hispanic neighbor. The damage from the recent accident was plainly visible. I called the police, and asked them to investigate; but they deferred, telling me that since nobody was hurt, it was not a matter for law enforcement.

Some time later, when the same local police officer came into my house without my permission, and without producing a warrant, I asked him about this. He was harassing me about my guns (which were perfectly legal), since he had seen on his computer that I had a concealed-carry permit (my mistake to comply). He was somewhat nervous about my intentional non-cooperation with his intrusion, and refused to talk about the incident.

How many of our children need to die before we realize that El Presidente Bush y Los Federales are not fighting on our side? Like the first Republican president, these tyrants are trampling our liberties and waging war upon our families. Their allegiance is not to some long-gone Constitutional Republic, that exists now only in our imagination, but to their North American Union and New World Order. Do you really think that they are restrained at all by the Bill of Rights, or that there is anyone left to defend the Second or Fourth Amendments? These powers that be, have our best interests at heart no more than common criminals. They are the illegal aliens. They are the murderous drunken drivers. If our children are to survive in the land of our fathers, these usurpers must be removed from behind the wheel.

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